BTLO is a tradable cryptocurrency that gives its users utility on the bittilo platform. Its one of a few coins that can be utilized in a real-world business giving it real value as a digital asset. BTLO is already trading on the Waves DEX cryptocurrency exchange.

Utility Token

  • BTLO token is a payment method within bittilo platform.

    20% Discount if you use BTLO to Pay for Bittilo subscription plan.
    (coming soon)

  • Referral program use also BTLO tokens to pay the users.

    (coming soon)

  • Promotions for BTLO tokens holders.

Token Specifications

Name: Bittilo
Ticker: BTLO
Blockchain Platform: WAVES
Asset ID WAVES: 5xBk95Nn2pFVGPreUoanQS2uDwmytrkACa7Vq8sMdSn2
Total Supply: 100 000 BTLO