There are many services, bots, signals and other products for successful trading. But where can one find a place that combines all these tools? What will be equally useful and convenient for both novice and experienced trader?

The idea behind this project is very clear and simple: to create a platform that will contain all the necessary tools for users with any level of experience and knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies.
Bittilo offers cryptocurrency trading platform for active crypto traders. The app include exchange trading enigne and news (social, coin calendar) which was designed for the most active traders. We plan to: social trading, portfolio modules and integration with popular exchanges.
Whether you’re a professional trader or just starting out with cryptocurrencies, Bittilo will offer a wide variety of tools for engaging with digital asset markets. It will be a straightforward to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through the Bittilo platform.

Bittilo is a trading name of PK Investment Services Ltd. – was founded in 2011 by professional traders to address the lack of transparency affecting trading. We also are an Introducing Broker (fxmtf.com) for the Financial Conduct Authority regulated LMAX Global which means that our clients can trade Forex and Crypto CFD’s.

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    PK Investment Services


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Dear Valued Clients and Partners,
With a personal passion for – and extensive background in – trading, I have always been surprised by the lack of transparency affecting forex, which was my main motivation for founding this Just Fair and Direct company. I asked myself the question: Who could know traders’ needs better than traders themselves? This is the simple idea behind PK Investment Services Ltd., a fxmtf.com and bittillo.io platform founded by traders.

Pawel KochanowskiFounder & CEOPK Investment Services Ltd.